Scots Pine

Photo Credit: is proud to announce support of the Trees for Life campaign. Our company is passionate about conservation and being responsible to the environment. We have purchased a grove  as part of the Trees for Life initiative to restore the Caledonian Forest and we have started planting trees in the grove. The Caledonian Forest  is located in Scotland is filled with ancient pines and beautiful species of flora and fauna. It is Scotland’s most iconic landscape and preserving it before more species that used to call the forest home go extinct.

Affric forest landscape

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Coming from an industry that was heavily driven by catalogues and direct mail marketing, we have developed a “Trees Not Flyers” strategy. In the UK alone, it is estimated that over 1 million flyers and brochures are distributed annually within the promotional product industry. We are moving away from such a resource heavy advertising policy in this digital age, using as little paper and resources as possible. Instead, we focus on conservation efforts on renewable and reusable resources and we maintain a paperless company. We never print or mail out catalogues or appear in any other trade organisation brochures.