During a recent trip, I was really amazed at the extent to which people have become attached to their smart phones and lap tops, or more likely, the devices have become attached to them, as extensions of their hands and ears.

You might say “Duh,” but the extent of the attachment is fun to watch. For example, as soon as people get to an airport, everyone whips out their phones or tablets to test out the wi-fi and call whoever they’re supposed to meet. One day at lunch, everyone at the table began to pullout their phones and check for messages and though I had no need to at the moment, I did so too, so as not to be left out.

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One of the all-time, sure-fire, top-selling computer related products is promotional mouse mats. True story: I received a mouse mat as part of the Christmas loot. I do not have a mouse, I use one of those track pads on the laptop itself. Nonetheless, this mouse mat will not be denied. It’s got the logo of my favorite baseball team, it’s shaped like a home plate, and it’s about as large as one. So it’s taking up considerable real estate on my desk, and if it had your corporate logo, it would be smiling up at me for the many hours each day when I’m at the desk. You just can’t buy advertising like that at any price.

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