Fun Facts About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has seen an astronomical increase in popularity over the last decade. Moreover, this trend is showing no signs of stopping soon, if anything quite the reverse is likely! Therefore, it seems that if you aren’t going digital, you might as well close down your business now. So we’ve decided to put together a few fun facts about digital marketing to give you some food for thought!

You know, in today’s world of rapidly expanding modern technology, if you aren’t on the Internet, you don’t exist. It’s like you’re invisible. Furthermore, you can’t just “be on the Internet”. Maintaining your online presence takes a lot of effort, time, and money. It’s not enough just to make a website and hope for the best. You have to engage your audience and spark their interest.


Why SEO Matters

As you know, SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign. Over one-third of users choose one of the top three search results. Therefore, that’s the place to be.

Furthermore, over 20% of all daily searches are for terms that haven’t been searched for before. That’s a huge market ripe for the taking! You just have to tweak your content so that it correlates with those new searches.


Content Is (Still) KING

While on the subject of content, did you know that over 72% of marketers agree that creating relevant content is the number one SEO method? However, not all of them are convinced they are doing it right. In fact, only 23% of marketers feel that they are delivering the right, relevant content to the right people. Furthermore, they doubt their timing and their format. That means there’s always room for improvement.

Content marketing is three times as effective as traditional marketing since it brings in three times more leads. What’s more, it costs 62% less.

When it comes to content, social media has become the number one publication tool. But you still have to know which networks to use and in what way to reach your target audience.


How Social Media Changed The Game

Did you know that social media is the third source of news nowadays? Well, how could it not be when 60% of Internet users check their social media accounts daily?

Furthermore, more than a third of them visit their profiles more than five times a day. That means that utilising social media in your digital marketing campaign is an absolute must.

Social media makes users more receptive to your message. Let’s take Twitter for example. So many people use Twitter that, if it were a country, it would be the 12th largest in the world. That’s more people than in Germany, Thailand, Iran, etc.

Imagine if you could make the entire population of Germany your audience. Well, now you can. Or, at least you can achieve the equivalent of that.

However, you have to use social media with care and be thoughtful and proactive. Over 75% of people say that they appreciate a brand more and they feel more connected to it if they get a response from their social media accounts.

On average, it takes around 10 hours for a business to respond to a social media post, like a tweet or a Facebook comment. However, research shows that customers respond better if that time is cut to four hours. Therefore, like always, time is money. Be fast.

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People Won’t Believe Just Anyone

The average Millennial puts a lot of trust into information found on the Internet. Even though our parents used to warn us not to believe everything we read on the Internet, it became a credible knowledge source decades ago. What’s more, the fact that over 90% of Millennials turn to the Internet for help at any given time is enough of a reason to invest in digital marketing.

However, people, especially the younger crowd, won’t believe just anyone. While social media is the forte of Millennials, they are more likely to believe a YouTube influencer than a celebrity, for example. That means that you’ll benefit more from a tweet or a mention from a YouTuber than from a movie star.

That’s one of the reasons that video advertising is becoming more and more popular and will probably soon be a huge part of digital marketing.


Personalisation Is Everything

The newest number one rule of digital marketing is personalisation. It’s no longer optional. Over 70% of young people demand a personalised online experience. To succeed in any business, you need to offer a tailored and customised experience for each member of your audience.

Let’s not forget that we are living in the time of “The Culture Is Me” attitude. We want the things we are interested in to be delivered to us as fast as possible and as personalised as possible.

People want to connect with the brand. In fact, over 66% of users say that they will switch loyalties and become a customer of a particular brand if that brand makes them feel like an individual instead of a number.

Did you know that as much as 74% of people will get annoyed if the website they visit doesn’t have the type of content that correlates with their interests?


Get Onboard The Mobile Marketing Train

Mobile searches no longer have the reputation of the new kid on the block. In fact, over 80% of people use their phones to search for a business or to make a decision about a purchase. Therefore, even when you get people to your stores, they will still turn to their smartphones for advice. And what they read about you on the internet better be good.

Marketers hopped aboard this train some time ago. They also think they are doing a great job, too. 85% of them believe that they are providing a great mobile experience for their users and that their mobile ads, apps, and websites are giving the users just what they need. However, it seems that the users disagree. Less than 50% of people are satisfied with their user experience when it comes to mobile searches.


Online Reviews Can Make Or Break You

Did you know that over 70% of people say that they believe an online review as much as they believe a recommendation from a friend or a family member? That means that customer testimonials and user reviews can make or break your business. Furthermore, over 74% of internet searches have an intent to buy. That’s a lot of potential customers for you.

But you have to reach them and convince them that you’re the right choice for them, correct? That’s not easy considering the short attention span of an average internet user. You only have mere seconds to get them on your side, so to speak. Use that time wisely, and deliver your punchlines straight away.