Everything You Need to Know about Printed Hessian Bags
In recent years, it has become the norm to try and replace plastic carrier bags with something more sustainable to help slow down climate change. To that end, manufacturers have devoted their time and resources to crafting reusable bags from different eco-friendly materials. As far as sustainability goes, nothing was as good of a choice as jute fibres.

Apart from being great for the planet, jute bags, also known as hessian bags, have won the hearts of many with their durability and practicality. They are also suitable for all audiences and demographics, from students and corporate workers to housewives and senior citizens.

Custom hessian bags are a fantastic choice for any business owner who is looking for an affordable promo item to customise. With them, getting the word about their brand out is the easiest thing in the world.

If you want to know more about hessian bags and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Read on, and find out what it is exactly that makes these bags so special.


Why Hessian Bags Are Always a Good Choice

1.   They Are Durable

Hessian bags have a strong build as their jute fibres are woven tightly together. As such, people can use the bags to carry heavy loads seamlessly and without any fear of tearing or damage. Aside from that, the bags can last for years even if they are used every single day.

The handles are just as sturdy as the base of the bags. These are usually made of padded cotton or smooth wooden sticks. That makes them strong enough to sustain practically any weight.

Finally, the inside lining ensures that people can carry any item in the bags, no matter how delicate or moist they might be. The lining will protect the outside of the bags from any stains or damage, allowing the bags to look brand new all the time. In addition, people can wash these bags a lot and still have them looking pristine.

2.   The Fabric Is Breathable

As we have mentioned, the jute fibres are woven pretty close together. However, the very nature of weaving ensures that air can circulate between the fibres freely at all times. Thus, the bags are perfect for storing items that can be easily spoilt due to moisture.

Jute bags are an excellent choice for carrying and storing items like rice, potatoes, coffee beans, etc. In them, these items will remain safe and dry for as long as a week. Plastic or cotton bags, on the other hand, cannot provide such great conditions and longevity.

3.   The Bags Are Affordable

Jute bags are extremely affordable. That is why most businesses choose to personalise and include them in their marketing campaigns. They get effective promo items that will spread their logo everywhere they go, and they do not have to spend a fortune to do so.

The best part about the whole thing is that you can get a printing company to both sell you the bags and customise them. That way, you’ll save more money than with any other bag type.

Apart from wholesale prices, these bags are also cost-effective if one buys a few only. Either way, the bags offer the best bargain on the market when it comes to eco-friendly and reusable options.

4.   The Bags Are Versatile

As far as style and design go, manufacturers can cut hessian bags into virtually any size and have them be any colour or style they want. Thus, the bags can appeal to any audience, which is a feat that not many other promo items can achieve.

Moreover, people can use the bags for various purposes. These include shopping or trips to the gym. Whatever they go for, people can rest assured that all their items will be fully safe at all times.

5.   The Bags Are an Eco-Friendly Option

As we have already mentioned, jute fibres are some of the best sustainable materials that you can get your hands on on the market. Jute bags are fully recyclable and biodegradable, meaning that they do not harm the environment at all.

If you are a business owner and you need a way to show your audience that you care for the planet and want to do your part in saving it, jute bags are the way to go. Put your logo and a catchy design on the bags, and you’ll get timeless promo items that everyone will love.

6.   The Material Is Temperature Resistant

When you expose plastic bags to direct sunlight, they begin heating up. At that point, they can emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and also release toxins that can end up in the items in the bags.

This problem does not exist with jute bags. They are fully temperature resistant and will not heat up at all, no matter how hot it might be outside. That makes them a perfect choice for carrying and storing most things, especially groceries.

7.   The Bags Are Reusable

Finally, people love jute bags so much because they can use them for years. They can wash them anytime they want and be sure that they will remain in good condition every time.

To ensure that the bags last that long, people need to care for them properly. That entails drying them fully every time and washing them according to material guidelines. That way, the fibres will be preserved and no moisture will seep inside.

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Order Your Hessian Bags Today

If you like what you see above, all that’s left for you to do is to order some logo hessian bags of your own. They will make excellent eco-friendly items for anyone, whether it is a business or an individual.

You will be able to personalise the bags in various ways, all suitable for the material and its production process. Thus, the bags can be a fashion statement just as they can be a handy carrier.

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