Tablets are great, but they’re clearly a very expensive item to damage. An iPad case is a great solution to this potential costly problem, protecting your iPad from scratches and other damage while also looking great. What better way to treat your clients or offer customers a cool freebie than with custom iPad cases?

A great gift for Christmas or any other time of year, a promotional iPad case could be what you need to get your business noticed.


Why choose custom iPad cases as a promotional accessory?

More than half of homes in the UK own an iPad, a figure that is continuing to grow year on year. Whether used for entertainment or for work purposes, there’s no denying that they are still one of the most popular must-have tech items on the market today.

An iPad case serves as an extra insurance policy for an iPad. Not only does it help protect them from water damage, but it can also make them safer to transport. With many people substituting their computers, phones and even cameras for their tablets, protecting them is becoming increasingly important.

Aside from providing protection, iPad cases can also offer boosted iPad functionality. Deluxe iPad covers offer flexible ways to position your display, which make them perfect for travelling, meetings and reading. Meanwhile, iPad covers with integrated keyboards are a must for those wanting to take notes during meetings or get on with tasks on the move. There are loads of variations available to make a promotional iPad case more than just a cover – offering a functional and memorable gift for your clients.

With Christmas around the corner, now could be a good time to think about investing in some printed iPad cases. Not only will they show that you care – but also that you’ve put some thought into it too. Custom pens and mugs are great, but why not take things a step further with a custom iPad case to dazzle them this year?


The stylish way to brand your tech

As far as promotional products go, a stylish iPad case is certainly one of the best you could offer your clients. Custom iPad cases give you the opportunity to get creative with your branding and create something that not only serves a very useful purpose, but looks great too.

Whether you opt for block colours with your company logo or think a little more creatively to create a bespoke iPad cover design, there are a range of options available to you to help your promotional product stand out. Consider what messages you’d like to put across and how visible you’d like your brand to be and then take a look at the options that are available to you.


Flexible and fun design options

There are a range of different iPad cover styles you could consider to offer a slick and modern promotional gift that will be sure to impress. Sleeve style cases are bold and bright which make them very appealing, and have the benefit of being able to store documents like travel passes which can be handy when you’re on the move.

Did you know that many people use their iPads in the kitchen? From following recipes or cooking tutorials on YouTube to catching up with top shows on Netflix – there’s a range of possibilities your clients are bound to find useful. For this, a leather iPad case is great – they’re sturdy and can be positioned in different ways. Put your logo on the back and they’ll think of you whenever they’re rustling up their favourite dish.

Of course, for a more functional corporate gift, there’s always the presenter-style cases. What better way to look poised and professional in a meeting than by being able to pull out an iPad as a presenter or doing desktop presentations? Your clients will appreciate this professional, sophisticated gift that they can actually use, rather than stuffing them in a drawer never to be seen again!

The possibilities for your custom iPad case can stretch as far as your imagination and creativity can go. From a festive-themed case to something that promotes your business, brand or product, there’s no arguing that an iPad case isn’t the perfect promotional accessory.


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