There are so many incredible ways to showcase your business logo but if you live in small town USA where American Football reigns king then you will likely notice that throughout the fall months the majority of your community is spending its evenings and weekends at the local football stadium or at the local high school field. When it comes to creating a promotion that will last you will very likely see that this is a very effective way to help promote your growing community business.

stadium-blanketOf course, taking advantage of utilizing the local ball field as an advertising forum will definitely benefit your business but if you don’t know how to go about it then you will be missing out on a tremendous advertising opportunity. When it comes to selecting your mode of advertising at the local ball field you must first realize how much you can afford to spend on this method of advertising.

Some of the more expensive advertising tools include hanging up a business banner on the stadium wall or even having a special announcement made about your business during the halftime announcements. As a business owner, however there are actually many ways to bring your logo and business name into the public eye in this type of community forum and doing so at the local ball field can be as easy as donating printed hoodies, promotional water bottles, or even printed first aid kits to the local high school teams and then having them on the field will help to promote your business. You may even have word of your donation printed up in the local paper, school paper, or even on the evening news. And yes, you can even write off this donation as a tax deduction for a charitable donation.

Promotional emboidered fleece blankets are great fun too. Make sure that you make them up with the team colors and use the team logo along with your own as to draw attention to both purposes. Selling these items at cost will in some cases be just as effective as handing them out for free. As people snuggle up under a nice looking stadium blanket why not make sure that they are selling your business at the very same time?