The final game of the National Football League’s regular season is always a spectacle that is televised all over the world. For those of us in the marketing world, the innovative commercials can be just as (if not more) exciting than the game itself. It is the one time each year that everyone focuses on the commercials just as much as the show itself. With all eyes on the ads, each year there are winners and losers with a good mix of surprises too. We will be featuring a two part series with a rundown of some of the best and worst ads for SuperBowl 50 in 2016. There were 52 total ads, you can find all of them on the official site here. Here are my picks for the top 10 winners:


Wix and Kung Fu Panda


With the much anticipated release of the upcoming 3rd installment of the hilarious Kung Fu Panda movie, there is already a big buzz about it. perfectly blends an ad for their website development tool in with the Kung Fu Panda characters and script in what will surely be a memorable commercial. The next time someone needs that type of service, they will surely remember this ad. Even if they forget, Kung Fu Panda will do that job for them.


Colgate #EveryDropCounts


This was Colgate’s first ever SuperBowl Commercial and they used their 30 second spot to bring us a public service announcement about conserving water by turning it off while we brush. Using a conservation angle is not a new idea, but for this commercial and Colgate, it drives the point home while still remaining brand-forward.




If you didn’t know what a marmot was before, you surely do now and you also now know that it is not only the name of a squirrel-like rodent, but it is also the name of this outdoor gear company.


Amazon Echo


Not only do I like this commercial because I’m a Dan Marino fan, but this commercial is great because it really drives home the point of exactly what Amazon Echo does. I’m sure everyone wants one now. The humor and the great mix of actors spreads the scope and makes it shareworthy!


When I first saw this commercial on the list, I groaned because I have not liked an of the other ads starring Jeff Goldblum. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this clever ad featuring music and a strange game of pickup at the top of the apartment building.


Avocados from Mexico


This futuristic and clever commercial they called AvosInSpace is a definite winner. It is strange, but quirky and memorable and that munching is bound to make anyone yearn for a guacamole!




Heinz’s Big Game commercial called the Wiener Stampede introduces all of the different condiments. The adorable Dachshunds in hot dog costumes running at the costumed ketchups and other condiments is weird, but as in many cases, weird is good and good is memorable!




Skittles had 3 commercials during the game. I loved the Steven Tyler one but the other two, while a good idea, were too long and drawn out. The Steven Tyler Skittles commercial was fun and highlighted the different Skittle colors and flavours.




Doritos held their 10th annual and final “Crash the Super Bowl Contest”. It shows how creative fans can be and also how great it can be to source your content from fans. Both of the 2 final entries that were aired are great, but I love the Doritos Ultrasound one. It showed the dad eating Doritos while the mom is getting an ultrasound and you see the baby on the monitor reaching for the Doritos.


Of course, our favourite around here is the Budweiser commercial featuring fellow Brit Helen Mirren. Not only do we get her dry wit and attitude, the message