Last week, we posted about the Big Game commercials  and listed my top 10 picks out of the 52 commercials. This week, I was going to feature the “losers” although after thinking about it over the last week, there really are no losers when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. You can see all of the Super Bowl ads here. The old saying goes “There is no such thing as bad publicity”. If you are paying millions of dollars for a short commercial, you had better hope that people are saying something, right? So in hindsight, I won’t say that these commercials were “losers”, but in my opinion, they missed the mark as far as memorability or uniqueness.


Opiod-Induced Constipation


If there is one topic that is the biggest buzz kill while enjoying the Big Game and eating junk food, it is constipation. I don’t think I need to say anything else.




I guess one of the only things possibly as bad as talking about constipation during the Super Bowl is talking about toenail fungus. Sure, these are all problems affecting people and they likely need a cure, but let’s leave them off of the Super Bowl conversation! Hey, at least there wasn’t a Viagra commercial.


T-Mobile – Restricted Bling


The mobile phone carrier commercials are getting a little too convoluted and complicated. In this commercial, it seems unclear as to whether the restrictions they are poking fun at are part of their plan or their competitors. In comparison, T-Mobile’s “Drop the Balls commercial is actually quite funny with Steve Harvey poking fun at himself as well as the other carriers. ( )That commercial is the most clear out of all the silly commercials with the colour coded balls!




Oddly enough, Budweiser is usually one of the best in addition to being a top Super Bowl advertiser. The reason they made my “not so great list” is because their commercials over the last several years have been so great, this one seemed like a let down, even if iti s the 27th Super Bowl appearance for the Budweiser Clydesdales.


Mountain Dew (KickStart) – PuppyMonkeyBaby


This commercial for Mountain Dew KickStart is a perfect example of the cliche saying about bad publicity. The puppymonkeybaby in this commercial is so odd and disturbing that while most people don’t like it, they are still talking about it. Whether that translates into sales for the energy drink is another thing. In addition to that, I didn’t realize until I watched the ad several times that the whole purpose of the puppymonkeybaby mash up is to show how three different things can be good when you put them together. Kickstart is a combination of “dew, juice, and caffeine”.


Shock Top



Along the same creepy lines is the Shock Top commercial. The logo and tap topper talks with comedian T.J. Miller and a talking weird tap topper is just too strange for me.


Bai – Horse Whisperer


The whole plot of this commercial is that “none of this makes sense”. What doesn’t make sense is why they made such a ridiculous commercial.




This commercial was just strange and I was more worried about the poor bull falling from the plane than anything else.