Back to School Promotional Items for Schools and Universities

What better way to spread your school spirit than with back to school supplies that have your school’s name and logo on it? Back to school time is also an excellent way for companies to get their name out there while supporting schools and supplying them with related school promotional products for children and teachers to use. Here is part two in our back to school product spotlight feature series with some of our most popular back to school products and University promotional products.


GoPromotional - Wax Crayon Highlighters

What makes these highlighters a great value for promotional purposes is that the wax crayon design allows for an amazingly long up to 5 year shelf life so your name and logo are making an impression for a long period of time. The set comes in yellow, green, and pink with a convenient case. An additional benefit is that longer use is better on our environment.


GoPromotional - Colourbrite Ear Buds

If you are wondering what ear buds or head phones have to do in school, you may not be up on the latest technologies in the classroom. Now that computers are in the classroom, each student needs their own individual ear buds or some type of headphones so that each child can work with the computer programs at their own pace and hear the verbal instructions, prompts, and directions the program announces. With your logo and message printed in vibrant full process colour, they make for a great way in which to promote your organisation.


GoPromotional - Colourbrite Ruler

All students need rulers, not only do they help you calculate measurements, but they are great for helping draw straight lines for perfect art work designs. The teachers and students will definitely take notice of your brightly coloured logo and designs imprinted on the rulers.


GoPromotional - Chalk Mugs

What a fun way to leave messages for your dorm roommate? These fun and interactive versions of the Durham mug are manufactured with a unique ‘blackboard paint’ and supplied with a piece of chalk, enabling students to write their own personal message on the mug. These unique promotional mugs are bound to get everyone talking and they are guaranteed to stand out in the classroom against the myriad of other standard mugs.

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