7 Top Eco-Friendly Energy Money Saving Tips

You want to go green, but you just don’t know where to start. Is recycling plastic enough?

Should you try to go completely off the grid?

Will small efforts really make a difference?

We’ll help you get started as we discuss 7 top eco-friendly energy money saving tips for this summer!


Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent

Some eco-friendly detergents claim that not only are they scent-free, but also do not contain any artificial ingredients. Compare these products to your standard big-box laundry detergent items and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Bring Your own Coffee Cup

Bringing your own reusable coffee cup to the coffee shop can eliminate yet another piece of paper, plastic or even foam finding it way to the landfill. Furthermore, some coffee chains will actually provide you with a discount for bringing your own container.

At the Grocery Store

First, never accept your groceries in one of those flimsy cheap plastic bags. In America, some cities were plagued with plastic bag parks where the almost indestructible grocery bags were seen flapping in the wind hanging on to random tree branches for months on end. When these cities like Austin, TX legally banned disposable cheap plastic garbage bags, these trash islands were no longer seen.


Go Reusable

You can even purchase reusable zipper top bags. BlueAvocado is a company that sells these products. Ignore the expense and realize that every time you reuse one of these bags you are helping the planet.


Go Meat Free One Day Per Week

Paul McCartney blazed the trail of meat-free Mondays, and by joining this movement you will help cut down on all the costs that are associated with meat processing. With the new veggie meat substitutes available from companies like Impossible and Beyond, you can still enjoy the flavor of a good burger without consuming actual meat.



Going to a one-time fancy event? Don’t want to spend a lot of money and then have your outfit sit in your closet unworn for a long period of time? Consider borrowing clothing from a friend or even renting it from an online vendor. Yes, rental money is gone without anything physical to show for it, but you will have been involved in clothing recycling that can help the planet.



Whether you live in a London penthouse or a small Milwaukee, Wisconsin apartment, LED lights are the way to go—period. Fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures, while there may be instances when they are still needed, are quickly becoming outmoded forms of illumination. LEDs are becoming much less expensive, more compact, and they can be aligned with smart apps so that you can control brightness and hue from a mobile device. With a smart lighting app, you can turn lights on and off from around the world, and with smart LED lighting you will no longer have to worry whether you turned the lights out before you went to work.

Going eco-friendly requires a commitment on your part, but when you see temperatures reaching over 90 degrees in Alaska, you may want to consider doing everything you can to help save the planet!

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