6 Ways Charities Can Benefit from Promotional Products

Promotional products can prove to be very beneficial for charities. In fact, they might even be their secret weapon!

If you run a charity or a nonーprofit organisation, you know the biggest struggle is getting the money. Even if a significant number of people is ready to donate to your cause, you’re probably always struggling with your budget. You have a marketing strategy in place, sure. But is it as productive as you need it to be? Probably not.

Therefore, it might be time to step up your marketing game. Using clever marketing tactics can enhance your income and help you raise awareness. However, you have to implement those tactics in the right way.

Turning to promotional products is a step in the right direction.

Here are 6 ways charities can benefit from Promotional Products


# 1 Give your cause a voice ー Build Brand Awareness

Building awareness is essential for your cause. Your voice needs to be heard far, and it has to reach as many people as possible. However, to achieve that, you need to utilise all the prowess of promotional products.

Here’s the thing. To build brand awareness, you need repeat exposure. You can’t achieve that with print ads and TV commercials unless you spend a pile of money on them. But, we already established that you don’t have any money to spare. Therefore, promotional products are your best bet.

Did you know that an average person keeps a promotional item for a year? They keep it even longer if the product is useful. That’s one year of daily exposure for your brand!


# 2 Make a cash stash ー Raise Additional Revenue

Yes, money is tight. Every investment needs to turn a considerable profit to be worthy of your time, right? Promotional products aren’t free. However, you can turn them into a profitable endeavour.

Many charities and nonーprofit organisations sell their branded merchandise online. Even basic promotional products will sell like hotcakes because people are more likely to buy products associated with a charity. It makes them feel good. They feel as though they have done their good deed for the day. And you’ve made a profit that you can put to good use! It’s a winーwin situation!

Doesn’t that sound appealing?


# 3 Make them sing your praises ー Reach a Wider Audience

When you hand out or sell promotional products, you are basically turning every person that has them into a walking advertisement.

It’s a fantastic concept. Let’s say you hand out one hundred promotional Tーshirts. Those one hundred people you gave them too might not wear them every day. However, when they do wear them, they’ll be broadcasting your charity and your cause to everyone around them.

You can’t get this kind of exposure for such a low price with any other marketing strategy. Therefore, you should take advantage of it.


# 4 Give a little to get a lot ー Entice Donations

When you give someone a present, they’ll feel almost obligated to give you something in return. Now let’s apply this logic to charity functions. You can hand out promotional products, that are costーeffective, and get a hunk of donations in return. And, that’s just the result of the genuine gratitude people feel when they receive a gift.

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# 5  A penny saved is a penny earned ーThe Affordability

Your marketing strategy may include a myriad of methods. However, most of them can’t beat promotional products when it comes to the price.

Charity promotional products are the most cost-effective way to get your name out there. Not only will they prove merciful on your budget, but, as mentioned, they can make you money as well.

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we? Our colleagues from across the pond tell us that it will cost you $2.5 per impression if you choose to promote your brand on primeーtime television. However, if you go with the promotional products route, it will cost you three times less ー just $£0.7 per impression.

Are you impressed yet? Ok, those numbers seem boring, and, on their own, they don’t mean much. However, the nittyーgritty is ー with promotional products, you’ll get more value for money.


# 6 Slip them more information – Deepen the Communication

You can use promotional items to provide more information about your cause and organisation. What’s more, since people are more likely to keep a promotional product they got from a charity, you’ll be able to explain your cause in greater detail and actually be heard (or read).

You have a limited time to reach people and raise their awareness. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a charity function, on the street, or if you’re reaching out online. People have short attention spans. Therefore, you have to give them as much information about your cause as possible in a short amount of time. Often you don’t get to say everything you wanted, or you don’t get the opportunity to highlight all crucial details.

That’s where fundraising promotional products come in. You can use them to provide additional information or mention some things that were left out.

Apart from these 6 amazing ways your charity can benefit from promotional products, there are a plethora of others. You can use them to build goodwill, as gifts for your donors, utilise their power in direct fundraising, and so on. Therefore, it’s clear that promotional products will bring you nothing but gain. If all else fails, they will at least entice your donors to be generous. And, if that isn’t a great start, we don’t know what is!

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