For B2B marketers, the strategy needed is quite different than those businesses who market to end users. There are some lessons to be learned from tactics that will ensure success for your B2B marketing plan. Here are 5 insights that you should consider for your B2B marketing plan now:

  1. Mobile Marketing is Important for B2B: Mobile is the name of the game for all marketing efforts from here on out. We previous told you about the importance of mobile preparedness for your website and tips for surviving Mobilegeddon.
  2. Sales and Marketing Must Work Together: Just as marketing and IT departments often have issues working harmoniously, sales and marketing must collaborate to achieve success. Achieving a positive experience for B2B clients and customers is reliant on consistency.
  3. Quality of Content Outranks Quantity: Communicating the right information to the right person and the right time can only be achieved with a top notch content strategy. For B2B content marketing includes social media, blogging, but also written collateral, white papers, and any other ways that you communicate to your B2B clients.
  4. Keep Tabs on Marketing ROI: As with any marketing strategy, it is important to know that your efforts are paying off. Make sure that you are constantly analysing and improving upon your ROI.
  5. Personalisation and Customisation: The newest aspect of B2B marketing is also going to be one of the most important aspects moving forward and that is personalisation and customization. Knowing your customer, even if your customer is a business is paramount to your marketing success. New technology is moving into place to allow companies to capture the big data and then customise and personalise your approach in all your campaigns.