73% of people who have received a promotional product from a company subsequently purchased from that company.

Whats On Your Desk?

This week has been Promotional Products Week in the UK and to celebrate the week that is devoted to branded merchandise and promotional products. The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) has released the results of their latest survey on promotional products, how recipients use them, what they keep on their desk, and impressions of branded merchandise marketing campaigns. There were over 1200 respondents to the survey, all of whom have received promotional products in the past. We have featured the results of some of their past studies and research on the effects of promotional products. Once again, their survey makes an overwhelmingly strong case for using promotional products and branded merchandise in your marketing campaigns, to help spread the word about your company and increase brand awareness as well as sales.

Top 5 Desk Promotional Products

The top 5 promotional products on people’s desks right now:

  1. Pen
  2. Mug
  3. Post-it Notes
  4. Notebook
  5. Calendar

Promotional Products Survey 2014

Proof that promotional products are one of the most effective advertising mediums:

  • 76% keep a promotional item they are given.
  • 73% of those surveyed will go on to purchase from the company that gave them the promotional gift.
  • 83% say they can name the brand of the promotional item without looking at it.
  • 96% of people believe branded merchandise increases company brand awareness.

What is On Your Desk Right Now?

What's On Your Desk Right Now?

If you could choose one type of promotional product to have on your desk now, what would it be?

Which Promo Product Would You Choose?

Can you name a brand or organisation that is featured on a promotional product in your office right now?

Recognize Brand from Promotional Products

How clear is the call to action on the promotional products on your desk right now?

How Clear is the Call to Action?

When you are given a promotional product what do you do with it?

What Do You Do With Promotional Products?

Do you buy from the companies that give you promotional products?

Recognize Brand from Promotional Products

How likely are you to integrate promotional products into your next campaign?

How Likely are you to use Promoitonal Products?


Do you think that branded or promotional products increase brand awareness?

Branded Products Increase Awareness

Conclusion and Takeaways

Once again, the BPMA survey has proven that promotional products and branded gifts make for very successful campaigns. They increase the likelihood that a recipient will purchase from your company and they increase brand awareness. Promotional products are kept by the recipients and they can name the brand or company name on the promotional products that they keep and use on a daily basis.

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